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1614184860 4 hours ago diff (in-line) r2 CarpetCleaningFortitudeValley in Main web CarpetCleaningFortitudeValley
1614184740 4 hours ago diff (in-line) r136 TWikiUsers in Main web TWikiAdminUser
1614068580 1 day ago diff (in-line) r2 CarpetCleaningCoorparoo in Main web CarpetCleaningCoorparoo
1613974800 2 days ago diff (in-line) r2 BillCamp in Main web BillCamp
1613848920 4 days ago diff (in-line) r2 SqueakyPestControlMelbourne in Main web SqueakyPestControlMelbourne
1613808120 4 days ago diff (in-line) r2 PestControlBrisbane in Main web PestControlBrisbane
1613764500 5 days ago diff (in-line) r241 SiteStatistics in Main web TWikiGuest
1613640300 6 days ago diff (in-line) r3 BasicPythonProgramming in UCC_Course_2021 web TWikiAdminUser
1613640300 6 days ago diff (in-line) r13 REPLAndStandardPythonProgramming in UCC_Course_2021 web TWikiAdminUser
1613639520 6 days ago diff (in-line) r4 TheWeatherApp in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1613633760 6 days ago diff (in-line) r1 SimoneWatson in Main web TWikiRegistrationAgent
1613633700 6 days ago diff (in-line) r1 ClarkThomas in Main web TWikiRegistrationAgent
1613455920 8 days ago diff (in-line) r2 PestControlMelbourne in Main web PestControlMelbourne
1613229000 11 days ago diff (in-line) r6 WatchGui in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1613189460 11 days ago diff (in-line) r2 CarpetCleaningMelbourne in Main web CarpetCleaningMelbourne
1613115540 12 days ago diff (in-line) r2 BestCarpetCleaningBrisbane in Main web BestCarpetCleaningBrisbane
1613109840 12 days ago diff (in-line) r2 MyMooversQueensland in Main web MyMooversQueensland
1612850040 15 days ago diff (in-line) r2 AliceAddy in Main web AliceAddy
1612780980 16 days ago diff (in-line) r2 CarpetSteamCleaningNarangba in Main web CarpetSteamCleaningNarangba
1612731240 16 days ago diff (in-line) r7 LEDsAndNopNeoPixel in UCC_Course_2021 web IsaacArmahMensah
1612708140 17 days ago diff (in-line) r3 Slides in UCC_Course_2021 web IsaacArmahMensah
1612704060 17 days ago diff (in-line) r27 WebHome in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612628160 18 days ago diff (in-line) r2 SolutionsToTFTDisplays in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612626660 18 days ago diff (in-line) r12 ST7735TFTDisplay in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612613340 18 days ago diff (in-line) r3 GUI in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612613040 18 days ago diff (in-line) r11 Exercises in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612612860 18 days ago diff (in-line) r1 SolutionsToADCAndDAC in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612610880 18 days ago diff (in-line) r8 Solutions in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612606140 18 days ago diff (in-line) r1 Sound in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612543740 19 days ago diff (in-line) r16 TheHardware in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1612336920 21 days ago diff (in-line) r1 SheikhAbdullahBinZaid in Main web TWikiRegistrationAgent
1612183980 23 days ago diff (in-line) r2 RoxaneFabin in Main web RoxaneFabin
1611954360 25 days ago diff (in-line) r3 LvglOnTheT-watchAndASimulator in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1611939720 26 days ago diff (in-line) r4 DustSensors in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1611922920 26 days ago diff (in-line) r1 St7789_lvglDisplayDriver in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1611921120 26 days ago diff (in-line) r9 TheT-watch2020Hardware in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1611919560 26 days ago diff (in-line) r2 TtgoModule in UCC_Course_2021 web UliRaich
1611571560 30 days ago diff (in-line) r2 MoversMississauga in Main web MoversMississauga
1611394260 1 month ago diff (in-line) r2 ThomasLeo in Main web ThomasLeo
1611393000 1 month ago diff (in-line) r2 HarryLeel in Main web HarryLeel
1590222660 9 months ago diff (in-line) r13 WeMosD1Mini in AFNOG web TWikiAdminUser
1583775900 11 months ago diff (in-line) r29 WebHome in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1583353800 11 months ago diff (in-line) r1 SmartEnergySystem in UCC_Course_2018 web AaronTetteh
1583338680 11 months ago diff (in-line) r2 IrrigationSystem in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1583258760 11 months ago diff (in-line) r7 WebPreferences in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1579955940 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 DriverIntegrationIntoNopMicroPython in AFNOG web UliRaich
1579947300 1 year ago diff (in-line) r3 InstallationOfPicoweb in AFNOG web UliRaich
1579543980 1 year ago diff (in-line) r1 StepByStepInstructions in AFNOG web UliRaich
1575890340 1 year ago diff (in-line) r1 Exercise9Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1575889620 1 year ago diff (in-line) r13 Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1574350620 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 Lecture10_DigitalToAnalogueConversion in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1570026960 1 year ago diff (in-line) r6 Lecture5_TheRaspberryPi in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1560794400 1 year ago diff (in-line) r3 WorkshopExercises in AFNOG web UliRaich
1560778920 1 year ago diff (in-line) r8 Talk in AFNOG web UliRaich
1560567300 1 year ago diff (in-line) r11 IntroductionToNopIoTAndPython in AFNOG web IsaacArmahMensah
1559809740 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 Slides_WhatIsNopIoT in AFNOG web UliRaich
1559731020 1 year ago diff (in-line) r1 SmartHome in UCC_Course_2018 web DennisEffaAmponsah
1559063520 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 Abstract in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558787640 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 IoTWithRaspberryPi in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558111080 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 DHT11Shield in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558110480 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 LEDMatrixShield in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558109580 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 DS18B20Shield in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558108200 1 year ago diff (in-line) r3 BuzzerShield in AFNOG web UliRaich
1558040340 1 year ago diff (in-line) r4 IoTWithAtmelAVRArduino in AFNOG web UliRaich
1557948180 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 TripleBaseAndPrototypeBoards in AFNOG web UliRaich
1557838800 1 year ago diff (in-line) r1 Session2 in AFNOG web UliRaich
1554277380 1 year ago diff (in-line) r2 TheNopIoTNetwork in AFNOG web UliRaich
1553092680 1 year ago diff (in-line) r3 AFNOGWorkshop2018 in AFNOG web UliRaich
1545411180 2 years ago diff (in-line) r2 3-axisAccelerometers in UCC_Course web UliRaich
1545410640 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 MMA8452Q in UCC_Course web UliRaich
1545410520 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 NewSensors in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1545222240 2 years ago diff (in-line) r2 SolutionsToTheExaminationExercises in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1543472820 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 Lecture11_LCDDisplay in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1542885060 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 DigitalToAnalogueConversion in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1542877140 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 Lecture9_DigitalToAnalogueConversion in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1542731820 2 years ago diff (in-line) r4 Exercise5Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1542730620 2 years ago diff (in-line) r2 Exercise7Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1542730560 2 years ago diff (in-line) r2 Exercise6Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1542297360 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 AssignmentOnRGBLEDAndBuzzer in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1541066700 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 Lecture8_DHT11TemperatureAndHumiditySensor in UCC_Course_2018 web IsaacArmahMensah
1540898100 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 Exercise4Solutions in UCC_Course_2018 web UliRaich
1536840960 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 WISDOM in Sandbox web WisdomAduhene
1536840840 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 LarteyJoshua in Sandbox web LarteyJoshua
1536840840 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 TestTopic000 in Sandbox web WilhamOpokuDanquah
1536840780 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 EMBEDDEDSYS in Sandbox web FaustinaAbenaAsieduwaaAsare
1536840720 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 EdemCudjoe in Sandbox web EdemCudjoe
1536840600 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 DominicAsiedu in Sandbox web DominicAsiedu
1536840420 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 SelasiAyittah in Sandbox web SelasiAyittah
1536839880 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 EmmanuelAwitiKuffour in Sandbox web EmmanuelAwitiKuffour
1536839820 2 years ago diff (in-line) r1 FirstDay in Sandbox web NathanielAsante
1535023740 2 years ago diff (in-line) r3 SessionOnSensorAndActuatorAccess in AFNOG web IsaacArmahMensah
1511778960 3 years ago diff (in-line) r5 LCDDisplay in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1511778840 3 years ago diff (in-line) r8 SteppingMotor in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1511276820 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 ProtocolRecipe in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1510854300 3 years ago diff (in-line) r6 HD44780 in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1510671900 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 HeartBeatSensor in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1509721500 3 years ago diff (in-line) r3 AnAdditionalLectureOnCProgramming in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1509719520 3 years ago diff (in-line) r5 Lecture2:TheLinuxOperatingSystem in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1509719100 3 years ago diff (in-line) r9 Lecture3:IntroductionToCProgramming in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1509695220 3 years ago diff (in-line) r8 Lecture9:SteppingMotors in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1508957520 3 years ago diff (in-line) r5 RaspberryPi in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1508844600 3 years ago diff (in-line) r2 SolutionsToTest2 in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1507987140 3 years ago diff (in-line) r9 RaspberryPiDescription in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1506358260 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 InstallingTheSystemOnASDcard in UCC_Course web TWikiAdminUser
1493626380 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 LinuxBasics in UCC_Course web Main.uli
1493474700 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 FinalFeedback in UCC_Course web AubynJ
1491141840 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 CompilingOpenhantek in UCC_Course web JohnGraham
1490711040 3 years ago diff (in-line) r1 WeeklyReportFormat in UCC_Course web TWikiAdminUser
1490208900 3 years ago diff (in-line) r3 3WheelRobot in UCC_Course web TWikiAdminUser
1448771760 5 years ago diff (in-line) r42 TWikiSystemRequirements in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1445715720 5 years ago diff (in-line) r8 VarFORMFIELD in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1434591780 5 years ago diff (in-line) r9 VarENCODE in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1433971320 5 years ago diff (in-line) r2 WebCreateNewTopic in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1431725520 5 years ago diff (in-line) r2 WebSearch in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1431725520 5 years ago diff (in-line) r2 WebSearchAdvanced in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1431725100 5 years ago diff (in-line) r1 WebSearchAttachments in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1395869880 6 years ago diff (in-line) r1 VarTM in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1384374060 7 years ago diff (in-line) r6 WebHome in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1381737720 7 years ago diff (in-line) r2 TWikiEngineDotPm in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1380137760 7 years ago diff (in-line) r2 VarUSERSWEB in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1379663940 7 years ago diff (in-line) r1 VarSITESTATISTICSTOPIC in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1377244560 7 years ago diff (in-line) r3 PluginTestJQueryPlugin in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1377244560 7 years ago diff (in-line) r3 JQueryPluginExamples in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1376602800 7 years ago diff (in-line) r7 WebTopicEditTemplate in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1372224840 7 years ago diff (in-line) r14 IncludeTopicsAndWebPages in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1365145380 7 years ago diff (in-line) r5 WebPreferences in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1364709300 7 years ago diff (in-line) r5 ExampleTopicTemplate in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1358992080 8 years ago diff (in-line) r18 WebTopicViewTemplate in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1353558120 8 years ago diff (in-line) r1 UsingMultipleDisks in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352960400 8 years ago diff (in-line) r3 VarSCRIPTSUFFIX in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352872500 8 years ago diff (in-line) r4 VarLOGOUT in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352872320 8 years ago diff (in-line) r4 VarLOGIN in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352794260 8 years ago diff (in-line) r1 TWikiVariablesCategoryBody in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352707440 8 years ago diff (in-line) r6 VarDISPLAYTIME2 in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352624820 8 years ago diff (in-line) r1 AttachmentsAndFilesVariables in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1352624820 8 years ago diff (in-line) r1 FormattingAndRenderingVariables in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1313900160 9 years ago diff (in-line) r3 TWikiUserMappingDotPm in TWiki web TWikiContributor
1311890400 9 years ago diff (in-line) r2 WebTopMenu in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1297235160 10 years ago diff (in-line) r2 PluginTestEmptyPlugin in Sandbox web TWikiContributor
1292292720 10 years ago diff (in-line) r3 WebNotify in Sandbox web TWikiContributor

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